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Tiger StadiumLSU Tigers

W. Stadium Rd, Baton Rouge, LA, 70897

    LSU creates home like atmosphere

    Posted October 12, 2015

    Associated Press - BATON ROUGE, La. -- Ca...

    Top recruits pick best stadium and game-day atmosphere

    Posted January 7, 2015

    Chad Carson - 247 Sports -   SAN ANTONIO...

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    Tiger Stadium is located in Baton Rouge Louisiana on the campus of Louisiana State University and home to the LSU Tigers football team. Tiger Stadium is nicknamed “Death Valley” and is considered one of the most dreaded road playing sites in college football. It is touted as one of the greatest game day experiences in college football. Tiger Stadium is owned by Louisiana State University and is operated by their Athletic department. Capacity is 102,321.

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    Construction began on Tiger Stadium in 1924 and was completed in November 1924 with the seating capacity of 12,000 and grandstands on both sides of the field. In 1931 10,000 were added to the grandstands. In 1936, 24,000 seats were added when the north end zone was enclosed. At the time state money was not allocated for seating expansions, but was for dormitories. Governor Huey P. Long had dorms built in the stadium with seating above the living quarters to bypass legislature and increase his beloved school’s stadium. Until the early 1990s the stadiums dormitories were part of the student housing. The dorms were later converted to Athletic department offices and studios for the College of Art & Design Fine Art students. In 1953 double decked seating was added to the south end zone enclosing the stadium and increasing capacity to 67,720 In 1978 an upper deck was added to the west side of the stadium bringing the capacity to 78,000 In 1985 bench seats were replaced with chair back seats in the east and west stands and waterproofed. In 1986 the playing surface was moved to center the field eleven feet to the south. In 1987 bench seats were replaced with chair back seats in the north and south stands and waterproofed. The press box was redecorated; seats were added to the west stands. All seats were renumbered using a uniform seat width. The stadium’s seating capacity is 80,150. In 1994 seating capacity was reduced to 80,000 for renovations to the visiting team locker room. In 2000 the east upper deck seating was completed bringing the seating capacity to 91,600. In 2004 construction began on the Stadium Club with tearing down the west upper deck. The suites contain over 3,200 amenity seats and a state-of-the-art press box. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina delayed construction. In 2006 construction on the Stadium Club was completed. In 2009 an 80 foot wide high definition video board was added to the north end zone. In 2010 the windows on the north side of the stadium were refurbished, 428 in all. In 2011 a small number of club seats were added. This brought the seating capacity to 92,542. In 2012 state-of the-art lighting system was installed. LSU Board of Supervisors approved a south end zone upper deck expansion. 60 suites, 3,000 club seats and 1,500 general seating were added bringing seating capacity to 100,000. The construction is scheduled to be completed in 2014.


    • Tiger Stadium
      W. Stadium Rd   Baton Rouge, LA 70897
      Call at (225) 598-2184

    Venue Details

    • 1924
    • Louisiana State University Baton Rouge
    • Outdoor
    • Yes
    • No
    • Grass
    • 102321


  • ATMs


    • Gates 1-20

      • All around the stadium
  • Parking:

    • On Site/Around campus - General

      • Yes
    • Lot M north of the stadium - Disabled parking

      • No
    • Reserved lots C/A/Touchdown Vill - RV Parking

      • Yes
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  • Merchandise:

    • Concession stands

      • Throughout the stadium
      • -
    • Tiger Gift Center

      • In the stadium
      • -
    • Top recruits pick best stadium and game-day atmosphere

      2015-01-07 16:05:06

      Chad Carson - 247 Sports -


    • LSU creates home like atmosphere

      2015-10-12 16:12:15


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    • If you ever have the opportunity to visit Death Valley, especially the suites section, don't pass it up! This stadium rocks, and the night we attended the Tigers won a thriller against Mississippi. All of the food was excellent the suites are very spacious. With added seats, it is one biggest stadiums in the nation. But LSU fans fill up the bowl with cheers and yells for their Tigers. The stadium definitely represents a true home field advantage for the Tigers. Visit if you can! Terry, Alexandria, LA
    • Reviewed: 933 Days ago
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