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California Memorial StadiumCalifornia Golden Bears

76 Canyon Rd, Berkeley, CA, 94704
    California Memorial Stadium is home to the University of California at Berkeley's NCAA Pac-12 football team, the Golden Bears. California Memorial stadium has a seating capacity of 63,000. The stadium features a beautiful site line, including a plush wall of pine trees in the Berkeley Hills to the east and panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay Area and three bridges to the west. The stadium is designed by world-renowned architect John Galen Howard and co-designers G.F. Buckingham and E.E. Carpenter. Fans who attend games today still marvel at the beauty of the structure, modeled after the Colosseum in Rome, and comment about the easy viewing for spectators from all angles within the stadium.

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    The stadium opened in 1923 with a natural grass playing surface and initial construction costs of $1,437,982. The stadium switched to AstroTurf in 1981 but went back to natural grass in 1995. In 2003, the stadium added Momentum turf. The stadium underwent a large amount of renovations starting in 2010/2011 with construction costing several hundred million. With the renovations the stadium added a new playing surface called Matrix Turf. The renovations included new locker rooms, a new press box, concession stands, bathrooms, a lowered playing surface, and additional vendors. During construction, the Golden Bears played at AT&T Park. Memorial Stadium is famous for a last-second kickoff return during a game between the Cal and Stanford in 1982. After Stanford had taken a 20–19 lead on a field goal with four seconds left in the game, the Golden Bears used five lateral passes on the ensuing kickoff return to score the winning touchdown and earn a disputed 25–20 victory. Members of the Stanford Band had come onto the field midway through the return, believing that the game was over, which added to the ensuing confusion and folklore. It remains one of the most memorable plays in college football history,


    • California Memorial Stadium
      76 Canyon Rd   Berkeley, CA 94704
      Call at (510) 643-9759

    Venue Details

    • 1923
    • $1
    • University of California Berkeley
    • Outdoor
    • John Galen Howard
    • No
    • Each endzone
    • Yes
    • To press box only.
    • MomentumTurf
    • 63000


  • ATMs

    • North food court
    • Main food court area
    • South food court


  • Parking:

    • Around campus - Very Limited

      • No
    • Surrounding neighborhood - Very Limited

      • No
    • FunZone - Tailgate

      • Yes
    • - Shuttle

      • 1.00
      • No
  • Upcoming Events

    • No event is scheduled here.

  • Merchandise:

    • Golden Bear Merchandise

      • FunZone
      • -
    • Golden Bear Merchandise

      • Sections G,GG,KK,OO,UU and WW
      • -
    • Standard Concessions

      • Along stadium rim and concourse levels
      • 2.00 - 6.00
    • Roaming Vendors

      • Throughout
      • 2.00 - 6.00
  • Policies

    General Info

    • N
    • All items subject to search
    • N

    Carry-In Restrictions

    • No Video
    • Strictly Prohibited
    • Soft-sided only
    • Factory sealed plastic. 20 oz max.
    • Strongly discouraged
    • 14x14x6 inches max
    • Allowed. Fruit must be sliced.

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