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Simon Skjodt Assembly HallIndiana Hoosiers

1001 E. 17th St., Bloomington, IN, 47408
    Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall was previously known as Assembly Hall and is home to Indiana University's NCAA men's basketball team, the Hoosiers. The stadium is located in Bloomington, Indiana and features a hardwood playing surface. The stadium opened in 1971 with initial construction costs of $26.6 million. The arena has a seating capacity of 17,472. The stadium is going to be renamed Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall to honor Cindy Simon Skjodt who is donating an extremely large amount of money towards the stadium's renovations of $40 million. The 2013 renovations will renovate the lobby, bathrooms, and concession stands as well as adding a new video scoreboard. In 1995 the stadium added a new hardwood playing surface and bleacher seats. In 2010 a practice facility, Cook Hall, was added next to the stadium with locker rooms, training rooms, and new courts.

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    • Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall
      1001 E. 17th St.   Bloomington, IN 47408
      Call at (812) 336-5748

    Venue Details

    • 1972
    • $26.6 million
    • Indiana University
    • Indoor
    • Eggers & Higgins
    • No
    • Center
    • No
    • Hardwood
    • 17472


  • ATMs


    • (01:15:00)

      • North and South Lodge
      • Yes
  • Parking:

    • White (East) and Purple (North) -

      • $ 15.00
      • Yes
      • North and South of Stadium
    • Grass Lot south of 17th St. - RV Parking

      • $ 50.00
      • No
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    • No event is scheduled here.

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  • Policies

    General Info

    • Y
    • Unknown
    • N

    Carry-In Restrictions

    • Permitted - No Camcorders
    • Prohibited
    • Prohibited
    • Prohibited
    • Prohibited
    • Prohibited

Average Fan Ratings

  • Ratings: 220

Rating Calculations

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    • I'm a IU grad so therefore probably a bit biased, but how can you *not* get excited when you see 5 NCAA national championship banners hanging behind the stands on the east end of the stadium? This is truly a basketball mecca and any fan visiting from out of state should make the trip to Bloomington to see a game here. It's also interesting to view the trophy case, the portraits of the former All-Americans, etc. I went to the IU vs. Minnesota game. Admittedly, the balcony seats here are not good. I would probably skip going to a game if my only option was a balcony seat. My very first IU game as a college freshman? Balcony, last row, partially obstructed view of the court. Good times... I was a little tired on the drive down because I went to the Colts game the night before the Hoosiers game. Once I got to the game, the adrenaline kicked in and I was wide awake. The pep band does a great job of getting the crowd involved during timeouts and the fans are great. I hope to make it back for a couple of more games this season and for many years to come. -- Bill -- Indianapolis
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