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    • I loved Victory Field. As a transplant from Chicago, I'm used to paying much higher prices for Cubs and Sox games. I was much more entertained here for less than half the price! The promotion for the game was The Famous Chicken. I had no clue what this was, but my dad did! The chicken performed a few stunts between innings- the best was giving the umpire an eye test, pulling down one of the "player's" pants, shining the ump's shoes and asking for a tip, and having four little kids dress up like little chickens and follow him around flapping their wings. Great ballpark entertainment! The stadium itself is well-maintained and clean. I enjoyed the different seating options- such as the lawn area, where you could watch the game for a low price and no one would care if your kid was running around half the time. Definitely a family-friendly experience. Cost: 2 tickets: $32 6 tacos: $13 Dad's beer: $6.50 Total cost: $51.50 Cost of a Cubs bleacher ticket: $75. A great value for a great time! -Katrina, Indianapolis
    • Reviewed: 743 Days ago
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