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    • This is a beautiful stadium. I'm from San Francisco and while I think AT&T Park is the best, Petco is pretty darn nice. There are plenty of entrances so you're never further than 40-50 yards from another exit. The outfield area is awesome, with a little beach area, playground, mini baseball field, and park space for fans to hang out. And the best part is, it's open to the public even on non-game days. The walkways are large and expansive and accommodate the long food lines. All the bathrooms are clean and easily accessible. The views of the field are all pretty good, as there's no seat in the stadium where the view is obstructed to the field, like the HORRIBLE Coliseum in Oakland! The night lights of downtown San Diego along with the surrounding bars make the atmosphere of the games pretty enjoyable. I would certainly return for another game or event. Charlie, Del Mar, California
    • Reviewed: 695 Days ago
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