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    • Great change of pace for people from the Boston Metro area. You can get a ticket to a game, food and parking for under $30. You’ve spent that before you’ve even gotten out of your car at Fenway! While it may seem like a long trip from Boston I typically travel to see the PawSox once a year and have never taken more than 45min to an hour to get back home from the stadium. For parking, don't panic and pay for a spot blocks from the stadium when there is more than enough parking less than a block away at the exact same price. The food is typical stadium food but far more reasonably priced. If you're bringing kids, get there a little early and you can get plenty of autographs and maybe even a ball. The PawSox really make themselves available before the game. A key to getting autographs----- bring an empty 2 liter bottle and string. Cut out a section from the 2 liter bottle so a baseball and pen/marker can easily fit and then Tie the string to the bottle. Use this contraption to lower your ball down to the players who will happily sign and pass the ball around. You need this because there is a drop off from the seats down to the bench and this solves the problem. My kids loved it! -----Doug, Boston MA
    • Reviewed: 687 Days ago
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