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    • One of the best stadiums I've visited in the NFL (I've been to a total of eight). Ushers conveniently wipe off seats before you sit down. Bathrooms are very clean. A live band played before kickoff. Yes, concession lines are long, but they go surprisingly fast. And a great variety drinks and food that your stomach won't regret. And the fans talk great "friendly" trash! (we were there rooting for the opposition, the Cincinnati Bengals) Didn't give it a full 5 trophy rating because unlike other cold-weather open stadiums I've visited, there's no outdoor heated sitting area. You'd have to opt for the expensive club seats in the winter... So, only summer/late fall games for me! I recommend visiting Heinz Field if you have the opportunity. They love their Steelers! - Erica, Woodbridge, Virginia
    • Reviewed: 15 Days ago
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