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    • Great American Ballpark is a lovely place through and through! There are unlimited food choices- with the brats topped with red dragon cheese and onion marmalade being my favorite. A close second is the braised beef topped with mac and cheese. The stadium even features a special section for nursing mothers! The Reds mascots and non-player personnel are always doing something on the fringes of the field between innings to entertain the crowd. The Jumbo-tron is HUUUGE! and can be seen from almost anywhere (as long as you're not underneath it). There are a number of subtle nuances that make the stadium experience most unique- little touches like baseball bats at the top of the smokestacks in center field or little baseballs topping the gates give the venue a classic baseball feel. The stadium has a new, shiny look to it. My comrades tell me its due to all of the off-season renovations as the Reds prepare to host this year's All-Star Game. I'd have to say, Great American Ballpark is ready for the mid-season classic! Curt - Cincinnati
    • Reviewed: 21 Days ago
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