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    • We attended the Coke Zero 400 and if you've never been to Daytona, make it a point to put it on your bucket list! I think the important thing to remember, is you don’t have to be a racing fan to enjoy the experience. For me, there's nothing more thrilling than standing by the fence and feeling the power of these amazing machines race by at over 200 mph. We sat up rather high, and got a perfect view of the horrible crash that happened near the finish line. Our hearts raced as debris flew into the safety nets near the track. I know a few fans were treated for injuries, thankfully nothing serious. The venue is truly enormous and they are making it even bigger. Currently there is a lot of construction taking place but everything should be done by January 2016. I've visited the infield on a few occasions and it's a good time. It's worth doing at least once so you can experience and see the impressive incline of the track itself. Inside the infield you will find the many garages used by the different racing teams as well as a variety of dining options. When it comes to seating at the speedway, you have a lot to choose from. The higher you sit, the better the view which means higher prices. If you choose to sit up high, make sure you're ready to do some exercise because all those steps are a true workout! Visit Daytona if you have the opportunity. It’s a truly unique experience. --- Francisco, Orlando, FL
    • Reviewed: 690 Days ago
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