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    • I actually have never been to a Bisons game up until a friend invited me on a double date with her husband to check one out. I had NO IDEA the fun I was missing! (when it's a good game). Seriously, I missed have missed out on a good bit of my childhood since my parents are Russian and they never "took me out to the ball game." I've since been back on my own as a friend of mine wanted to celebrate her birthday by going to a ball game. It can get kind of chaotic in the lines coming in. Finding free parking isn't easy (we found some near CanalSide and walked 10 minutes). Tickets are only $10 and you can often times find them for free through various non-profits, Delta Sonic and other promotions going on. They have a $3 discount for seniors and veterans. Luckily, there's not a bad seat in the stadium. Food is iffy --- standard ball game food, but they did recently start selling craft beer which is nice. There is also "La Nova Pizza," which is cool, but they don't have any wings. Blue Cross & Blue Shield has a stand where they serve healthier food, such as veggie burgers, tuna sandwiches and etc. They never have a long line, but it's a nice touch for those that are seeking a healthy option. Don't miss out on the celery vs blue cheese vs buffalo wing races. Those are always a ton of fun. Tuesday night is "fan appreciation night" at the Bisons where they do giveaways (i.e. shoot T-shirts out of a cannon) after every inning and have a fireworks show at the end of the game. If you've never gone to a ball game in Buffalo, definitely consider checking it out before the season ends! --- Alex in Buffalo ---
    • Reviewed: 726 Days ago
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