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Average price of an NBA ticket increased 3.4 percent this season

Posted November 7, 2014

Zach Harper - CBS Sports -

Attending an NBA game is more expensive than it used to be. With the league about to hit a surge in revenue in 2016 when the new television contract kicks in, teams will have a choice to make when it comes to adjusting prices for fans attending the games. They can either lower the prices and make it a more affordable experience with the television money giving the league such a boost or they can continue to pile up the stacks of cash and keep increasing ticket prices across the board.

As of right now, the league's average NBA ticket has increased by 3.4 percent, according to the Associated Press. The average ticket price has gone up to $53.98 with the New York Knicks possessing the highest average ticket price of $129.38. The Los Angeles Lakers,Chicago Bulls, and Miami Heat round out the top 4, but the report says only the Bulls of those four raised their prices for this season. From

The average price of an NBA ticket increased 3.4 percent this season to $53.98.

According to Team Marketing Report on Friday, the New York Knicks have the highest average at $129.38, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers at $102.25, the Chicago Bulls at $82.33 and the Miami Heat at $78.30. Among those four teams, only the Bulls raised prices.

New Orleans ($30.20) and Charlotte ($30.60) had the lowest averages. The Los Angeles Clippershad the steepest increase, 24.3 percent to $78.43. Detroit dropped its average 3.2 percent to $38.80.

The average NBA ticket is over $30 cheaper than the average NFL ticket ($84.43), but the NFL obviously has fewer home games by far. Major League Baseball has the lowest average ticket price ($27.93) but also has roughly double the games as the NBA. The NHL season is the most comparable to the NBA season with the same number of games, but the NHL's average ticket is more expensive at $62.18.

The Fan Cost Index was also calculated in this report. It averages out what it would cost to attend a game with four people. It takes into account the cost of two small draft beers, four small sodas, four hot dogs, parking, two programs, and two adult-sized hats (everybody loves a good hat!). Presumably, this is what it would cost a family. The average Fan Cost Index is $333.58. The Knicks are on the high end of that at $676.42 and the Charlotte Hornets are on the low end of that at $212.40.