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Cups catching leaks at Oakland stadium

Posted December 10, 2015

Mike Florio - NBC Sports


If you wondered whether the Raiders really need a new stadium (and if the periodic sewage issues weren’t enough to convince you that they do), here’s the latest proof that it’s time to tear down the venue that opened in 1966.
It leaks. And instead of fixing the leaks, the powers-that-be have simply taped cups to the ceiling. Pepsi cups.

Product placement!

The folks at noticed tweets from Chiefs radio reporter Kendall Gammon, who took photos of the inherently-temporary fix for liquid coming from places liquid shouldn’t be emerging.

The press box also is equipped with an old tube-style, 12-inch TV, the kind of which can be replaced with a 19-inch flatscreen for less that $90.

The Raiders are expected to apply for relocation to L.A. on January 4, with the goal of sharing a stadium with the Chargers.

Meanwhile, those Pepsi cups presumably need to be replaced from time to time. Given the whole sewage thing, I’m not sure I want to know what’s inside the cups.