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About Stadiums USA

For centuries, people have gathered at large stadiums to view some form of human spectacle. In Ancient Greece it was the competition of the Olympics. The 2000 year old Coliseum in Rome still stands as a monument to the events that occurred there.

In the United States today, modern stadiums have become great landmarks of the area. Some new venues built in the past five years have exceeded a billion dollars to construct. These amazing structures are a testament to the desire to witness the thrill of the human spectacle. Many Americans may not be able to identify historical landmarks but the stadiums make weekly or daily television appearances and become the city’s most recognizable and most visible structures.

We have constructed a website that brings to the one place, the most prominent stadiums across the U.S. Our site provides visitors with an information source that allows them to really discover the stadium. We have brought to life the innovative idea of providing a place for fans to go to find out information about the stadiums.

Sporting events have been a part of people’s lives since the beginning of time. Many Americans remember their first visits to ballparks and stadiums as a child accompanied by their parents. These simple, powerful memories are shared by the creators of Stadiums USA.

Ball games provide entertainment, thrill, enjoyment, and a place for social interactions. Since so many people love attending sporting events, we wanted to provide a way to inform game goers about the stadium which will maximize the pleasure of the game. Fans may utilize our site to uncover the best place to park and where to go for great food and cheap beer. Fan reviews are what makes our site so special, and provides fans with specific, up to date information for stadium visitors.

In rating the stadiums, fans can select from zero to five “trophies”. We selected the “trophy” system instead of using stars as in typically done with restaurants and hotels. The “trophy” rating system reflects our interest in America’s stadiums as primarily venues for sports.

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